Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions that are set forth by Nexus Conferences for the general good of the people connected to our organization in any manner whatsoever.
- Nexus Conferences conducts conferences and open discussions relating to the field of science at their place of choice according to the appropriate or convenient time chosen by them.
- The organization invites everyone to participate in such events and conferences to benefit, share, gain, experience and exchange knowledge from such events of scientific importance.
- For people who are interested to participate in such events and conferences being held across various parts of the world, Nexus Conferences provides every service right from registration to offering assistance in processing travel documents to guiding them up to the venue and to the end of the conference; we make it a comfortable learning experience for the participants.
- All group discounts apply as promised by Nexus Conferences.
-It is appropriate for all the participants or delegates to provide genuine information about them in order to enable us to process the documents without any hitches or trouble.
-Nexus Conferences confirms your registration once the required payment is made on our highly secured payment gateway.
- The information you provide while making payment at our secured payment gateway shall be treated as confidential. For this kindly read our Privacy Policy Statement.
- All the registrations are deemed to be confirmed after receiving full payments.
- Any balance amount falling due from the participants should be cleared off 72 hours before the beginning of the event or conference.
- In case, if you wish to opt out of the conference, please refer our Cancellation Policy.


In the event of you opting out of the Conference and wish to cancel your registration, you have to abide by our cancellation policy which is as follows.

If you cancel your registration before 150 days from the date of the beginning of the conference, you would be eligible for Full Refund with deduction of $100 service charge/taxes

If you cancel your registration between 150-90 days from the date of the beginning of the conference, you will get 50 percent refund of your fee.

If you cancel your registration within 60 days from the date of the beginning of the conference, you would not be eligible for refund as the facilities required for the participant are already taken care off.

E-Poster Payments will not be refunded.

No Commercial Trading

Nexus Conferences organizes conferences and meetings to the exclusive benefit of its participants and delegates.

All the participants & delegates should not entertain commercial purposes of other individuals or institutions for the sake of benefit either by sharing or disclosing important information that was accessed during the time of conference. By doing so, participants are deemed to contravene the ethics of the organization giving it every right to take action in case of commercial loss or disrepute to the organization.

Right to Reserve

Nexus Conferences is vested with the Right to Reserve Admission or Refuse Admission to a participant, delegate, institutions and organizations or to anyone to enter and participate in the conference without assigning any reason thereof whatsoever.

Force Majeure

If in case, the conference gets cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen reasons such as acts of God, natural calamities, wars, national emergency, acts of terrorism, explosions, fire, strikes, lockouts, floods, riots, arson, civil disturbances or political disturbances that warrant cancellation of the event and reasons which are beyond the control of Nexus Conferences are treated as Force Majeure.

In such a case Nexus Conferences cannot be held responsible and financially liable or otherwise to the participants or delegates or to persons who contributed in making the conference a possibility; Nexus Conferences does not owe anything to anyone in such a Force Majeure situation.

All Terms and Conditions which are stated herein are subject to changes from time to time and are binding on all.

Anything unsaid here and warrants to be forming part of the Terms and Conditions may please be treated as forming part of Terms and Conditions of Nexus Conferences.

These Terms & Conditions are necessitated to help Nexus Conferences in conducting the conferences on an International level smoothly benefitting delegates, participants and the entire scientific fraternity including the common man and the world at large.

Nexus Conference

Nexus Conferences brings together researchers from around the world who hold a common goal: participating and promoting active research in several fields of science and technology for the betterment of the society.

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